November Parcel - 2015

As the autumn air begins to fade into the brisk cold of winter (at least for many of us), we made sure to include an elite range of practical and stylish essentials in our November Parcel that will be of ample use to our members during the winter months. Take a look inside!



Rebels Refinery | Moisturizer 100 ml - $17

The hydration of this product reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Don't act like you're not afraid of wrinkles, Gentlemen. Stay handsome.

Brother's Artisan Oil | Grooming Oil 0.5 oz - $12

This perfect, pocket-sized Grooming Oil can be used for the maintenance and styling of your head and facial hair, as well as for nourishing your skin. It's the manliest way to smell good.

HS Sweden | Big Dot Socks - $14

Big Dot socks are perfect for enhancing an already fashionable wardrobe quickly and easily. Find your feet hugged by soft, snug combed cotton of the highest quality.

Skinny Tie Madness | Skinny Tie - $15

This fine crafted & durable Blue Gingham Plaid Skinny Tie is an ideal contribution to every style-conscious man's wardrobe.

Skinny Tie Madness | Pocket Square - $15

This Blue Gingham Plaid Pocket Square is a partner in crime to it's Skinny Tie brother. Wear them together or apart. Either way, this vibrant design will certainly catch people's eyes.

We have also included a unique Menswear Club Post Card, which provides details on every product included in the November Parcel. (This is included every month)

In regards to Grooming, our November selection ensures that our members can maintain healthy skin & hair over the winter months, while also smelling damn good in the process.

Furthermore, our selection of Menswear accessories share common patterns and/or colours, which can be used in conjunction with one another for a formal event, or apart for more casual, every day use.  


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Charles Kerr
Charles Kerr