Elite Parcel - April 2016 - "Who Is This Mr. Gatsby?"

For April 2016, we curated an Elite Parcel based on a theme called 'Who Is This Mr. Gatsby?'. We have taken inspiration from the lavish & mysterious life of Jay Gatsby - the main character from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel The Great Gatsby. We have included stylish spring essentials that would most certainly grant you entry into one of Mr. Gatsby’s exclusive spring parties.. or any other party for that matter.


Menaji | Aftershave Hydrator 4 oz - $34

This product is everything your face needs after a shave. Power -hydrate your razor-raw face with powerful nutrients. Infuse your skin with anti-oxidants and botanicals, soothing and moisturizing your chin without the sting of alcohol-based aftershaves.

Swanky Socks | Blue Paisley Socks - $15

Creatively inspired. Swanky Socks are the softest, lightest and most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear. The Blue Paisley Design is a timelesss classic, and perfect for the spring and summer!

Dha|ONE | Lavender Bowtie - $30

This lavender, preppy diamond bowtie is a true indicator that spring is here. This is an ideal accessory for a classy, outdoor event. Pair it up with a white dress shirt and a cream white blazer for maximum dapper effect.

Dha|ONE | Lavender Pocket Square - $15

This lavender pocker square is perfect for pairing up with it’s bowtie counterpart.Alternatively, if you prefer more of a casual, care-free look, you can wear it without the bowtie.

PunchPaper | The Great Gatsby Matchbooks - $4

These unique Matchbooks feature a white & gold shimmer design, along with the name of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his famous novel The Great Gatsby.

Every month we curate our Elite Parcel's based around a unique theme. Due to the positive response from our April Parcel, you can be certain that we will be curating more monthly Parcels based around iconic figures/themes, whether they be from the world of film, music, sport & more!

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Charles Kerr
Charles Kerr