Elite Parcel - May 2016 - "Viva Las Vegas"

For May 2016, we have curated an Elite Monthly Parcel based around a theme called Viva Las Vegas. As spring shifts into summer, we made sure to include products that reflect current seasonal fashion trends (such as floral designs & vibrant colors). Starting with a gorgeous Floral Tie as the main accessory, we then worked around it - selecting products that would compliment it in a business and/or pleasure setting.



Winners Circle Fashion Co. Vlaamperd Floral Tie | $22

Floral designs are very much in style, especially when it comes to ties! And what better way to showcase some great spring/summer style than with Winners Circle Fashion Co.’s “Vlaamperd” Tie, which we selected from their boutique collection.

Gallant & Beau King’s Rd Socks | $20

Gallant & Beau produce quality socks - offering both modern & classic designs with a strong British influence. We decided to feature these King’s Rd Socks, as we believe that every member of The Menswer Club should own at least one pair of timeless, Argyle patterned dress socks. And additionally, the color scheme of these socks work hand in hand with the “Vlaamperd” Tie.

Kiko Leather Magnetic Money Clip | $18

This leather Magnetic Money Clip by Kiko Leather offers the most stylish & minimalist way to carry cash. We wanted to offer something unique that went beyond a typical steel Money Clip, and Kiko had the answer. Slip it into the side inner-pocket of your blazer or suit jacket, and spend wisely ;).

Curated Basics Matte Tie Clip | $30

This silver Matte Tie Clip by Curated Basics is the first Tie Clip that we have featured. It is a durable accessory that will keep your Tie in place while adding an extra layer of sleekness & style. Not to mention, the retail value of this Tie Clip is worth almost the price of our Parcel!

Rebel’s Refinery Rehab Roller Under Eye Moisturizer | $15

Rebel’s Refinery are consistently one of the most well-received grooming companies that we have featured. And no time was better than now to feature their Rehab Roller Under Eye Moisturizer; it will help you look and feel refreshed after a day, or two, has taken its toll on you...

We sent our May Parcel to our friend @gasketraynes, and he was absolutely delighted with what he received. Here he is sporting the Vlaamperd Floral Tie, along with a smart grey blazer and white pocket square: 

The Vlaamperd Tie was very well received! So, we think it's safe to say that you can expect to find more Floral Designs in more of our Elite Monthly Parcels! (Be sure to give our friend @gasketraynes a follow on Instagram for more high quality content & daily style inspiration!)

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Charles Kerr
Charles Kerr