A Men's Guide To Valentine's Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you've already decided what to get her, you have done most of the job. Most, but not all. You will probably need to find a great restaurant, or even cook yourself. 

Regardless of what you have planned, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, and your significant other should be seen with someone that knows how to dress for the occasion. Seems like quite a challenge, right? Don’t worry. We’re here to help with these useful tips.

Eating In

Eating in doesn't require formal attire. If you decide to prepare dinner for her, this in itself will be impressive enough. You won't need a blazer or dress shoes, but you shouldn’t look like a slob either. A classic short-sleeve polo shirt and jeans combination will show that you’ve invested some effort into your style, without going overboard.

Night Out

Going out for drinks? If you are taking her to some posh cocktail joint, check if they have a dress code. In any case, you can always go for navy/black trousers, a plain t-shirt or casual dress shirt, and add some edge to your look with a smart blazer. As for the shoes, you don’t have to go with Oxford style, but sneakers are not a good idea either. Some solid options would be Chelsea boots, dress boots, desert boots, derby shoes and long wing brogues.

Fancy Restaurant

So, you are taking your sweetheart to the best restaurant in the city? You’ve booked the table a month in advance, you’ve decided which flowers to buy and when to pick her up, but do you know what you’re going to wear? Looking back to history, only classic custom suits could live up to the part in these situations. Unless you have to, don’t go for a black suit – white shirt combination. Spice it up with a navy suit, white shirt and burgundy tie, or something similar. Complete the outfit with a smart wristwatch, stylish cufflinks, and a pocket square - if you prefer to go classic.

Early Evening

There are a lot of date options for an early evening, such as the cinema, amusement park, early dinner, etc. Occasions such as these require smart casual style, meaning that you shouldn’t go over the top, but you should still look sharp. Pair up your dark denim or indigo jeans with a smart button-down shirt and blazer, and add a stylish punch with derbies or brogues. Accessorize with a wristwatch and a knitted scarf.

Active Date

Creative dates are more popular than ever, and some folks like their adrenaline more than they like perfectly prepared salmon. If you decide to take your significant other on an active date such as bowling, a walk, and/or dancing, you should wear something that allows you to move without disrupting your impeccable style. Choose a less-restrictive pair of jeans or chinos and wear it with a casual shirt or monochrome t-shirt. Team them up with a pair of Converse and leather or bomber jacket. Accessorize to make the combination edgier, with anchor bracelets or a sports wristwatch.

Don't Forget: Get Your Grooming On Point

Regardless of how you decide to style yourself on Valentine's Day, be sure to get your grooming on point. Make sure that your hair looks great, and if there’s a need to visit your hairstylist or barber, be sure to do so. Put on your signature scent, and get ready to impress with your incredible smoothness and style.

Written By: Peter Minkoff 

Peter is a men's grooming writer at The Beard Mag & High Style Life magazines from the UK and Australia. Besides writing, he works as a style consultant for many fashion events around Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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