It's Not A Box. It's A Parcel.

What To Expect

The Elite Monthly Parcel

We partner with unique brands to curate an Elite Monthly Parcel of 4-6 Fashion Accessories, Grooming Essentials & Lifestyle products. When you join the Club, you can expect to receive the best selection of products - delivered straight to you - every month. Whether you like ties, socks, pocket squares, cufflinks, moisturizers, body cleansers, hair pomade, beard/hair oil, combs - you'll receive all of the above and more! 

Importance of both Accessories & Grooming

We believe that Fashion Accessories & Grooming Essentials are equally important when it comes to looking great and feeling great. This is why we have made it a priority to offer the best of both worlds. 

 Club Privileges

We're here to provide you with the utmost incredible experience that comes along with being part of The Menswear Club. Once you're in - you'll most certainly want to remain in. From the products that we include in our monthly Parcels, to exclusive deals and giveaways, you'll always have something to look forward to. Additionally, there are no hidden subscription fees - you may cancel at any time!